50/50 by 2020

Gender equality in the short film industry

Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Date: February 03rd, 2020

Format: Panel

Synopsis: With much being made of gender equality within the film business, with both film production and major festivals such as Cannes and Venice all coming under intense scrutiny, this panel will explore gender (in)equality within the world of short film. We’ll discuss the steps that can be taken to ensure short film can lead the way in terms of diversity and inclusivity.

Moderated by: Gina Dellabarca (Short Film Conference)
Panelists: Julie Billy (co-Founder & co-President of Collectif 50/50), Ivana Kvesic (executive Board Member of SWAN – Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network) & Agnė Adomėnė (Founder of ART SHOT & Board Member of Lithuanian Animation Association)

Video Recording

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